Both old and new electric vehicles can be fitted with green number plates as of the 8th December 2020. The aim being to increase the awareness of environmentally friendly modes of transport.

The scheme was first announced by Grant Shapps, the secretary of state for transport, back in June of last year. Shapps explained: "Green number plates will help increase awareness of cleaner vehicles on our roads, demonstrating that a more environmentally friendly transport future is within our grasp."

The move to add a green strip to the number plates of electric vehicles should help to raise the profile of battery-powered cars, and allow for more opportunities to introduce future incentive schemes surrounding these more environmentally friendly vehicles.

With the Department of Transport looking to ban the sale of any new conventional internal-combustion engine cars from 2030, these new green strips, added onto the left-hand side of the front and rear number plates, will surely be followed by more schemes over the next few years in order to raise awareness.

Edmund King, the AA president went on to say: “Having a green flash on the number plate may become a badge of honour for some drivers. We support this concept which shows that the EV revolution is now moving from amber to green.”

This new looking number plate is something for you to keep an eye out for in 2021.