BMW i4 to be released ahead of schedule

BMW’s ground-breaking new EV will go on sale 3 months early. The i4 is expected to offer fierce competition to the highly successful Tesla Model 3.

BMW i4 to be released ahead of schedule

The fully electric saloon will hit markets this autumn and with a maximum range of 363 miles (according to WTLP), it's turning a few heads.  

The exact details of the car's specs are still a little vague at this point, however the highest range model will likely be called the i4 M and will be capable of achieving 0-60mph in around 4 seconds with 523bhp.

The i4 is very similar in style to the 4 series coupe and gran coupe. Being a completely electric car though, means that the i4 has a few unique touches.

A sealed off front grille and blue streaks across the sides and beneath the doors are some of the more notable differences. At the back, the i4 has blue highlights where the exhaust would have been – adding to the car’s electric and contemporary appearance.

On the inside this EV will be a fully fledged five-seater, offering great comfort and enough room for passengers to relax despite the sporty, sloping roofline.

BMW are looking to greatly expand their electric line-up and by 2023 should have 12 EV models on sale. The i4 could well be a defining car for the German brand.

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