Does your electric car have the correct tyres?

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity, but did you know that EVs should use special tyres?

Does your electric car have the correct tyres?

Fitting the incorrect tyres to your car could be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. On top of this you’ll likely experience accelerated wear and tear as well as a loss in the total range of your vehicle.

The reason as to why EVs shouldn't use the same tyres, largely comes down to weight. Despite cutting back on emissions, an electric car is much heavier than standard cars because of the big battery that it has to carry.

This bigger battery would put strain on regular tyres which would also struggle to cope with the instant torque of an EV.

Despite looking like a simple piece of rubber, tyres have a very considered design in order to maintain the optimal shape whilst driving on the road. Many variables include rubber compounds, tread design and groove width, amongst many others.

A conventional tyre will wear 30% quicker when fitted to an EV. They’ll also be louder too.

Despite the extra cost of buying an electric car tyre, in the long-run their robustness will save you money and make you safer.

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