Futuristic cars and flying taxis – Hyundai’s quest to meet the future

Hyundai have been producing bold concept ideas of new vehicles in recent years. These are innovations that could reshape the current automobile landscape.

Futuristic cars and flying taxis – Hyundai’s quest to meet the future

They’ve recently showed off the eye-catching fully electric Ioniq 5, as well as creating cars under their offshoot ‘Genesis’ division that look like they’ve come from the future. At the back end of last year Hyundai also announced a partnership with Uber to create flying taxis.


Genesis Essentia

Genesis was announced as an independent marque in 2015 and have since gone on a journey inventing cutting-edge car designs such as the Genesis Mint concept and the Genesis G70. However, it’s their Essentia concept that really stands out.

The Essentia will be a fully electric GT. First revealed at the 2018 New York Auto Show, the car wowed crowds with its double bubble canopy that looks like something from a fighter jet.

Its curved glass roof, triangular front grille and bright stripe lights makes it look like the Genesis manufacturers used a time machine to engineer this car.

A team of designers that could once be found at Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW and Audi, combined to work on the model so it's hardly a surprise it turned out the way it did.

Genesis’ Manfred Fitzgerald commented, “A two-door GT car is the most exciting product you can do. This is our take on what the future will hold, and our interpretation of a GT car for the 21st century.”

The release date of the Essentia has still not yet been revealed, the brand has remained tight lipped on the subject, although a release next year isn’t off the cards.


Flying Taxis

Back in December 2020, Hyundai showed off its fully electric flying taxi concept. The South Korean manufacturer will partner with Uber in its aim to create a fleet of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles.

Hyundai are aiming to have fully electric UAMs that can carry passengers to specific locations within a densely populated area, by the year 2028.

Even sooner than this, by 2026, they want to transport cargo using this method but through hybrids.

This all comes around the same time that Hyundai purchased an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics (famed for their robot dog). If Hyundai can meet their lofty targets, then by 2030 the automobile landscape could be a very different place to what it is now.

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