New 360kW Shell chargers to be installed across Europe

Shell has partnered with ABB to create a network of the world's fastest all-in-one electric car chargers.

New 360kW Shell chargers to be installed across Europe

Initially, around 200 of these Terra 360 chargers will be installed across Germany, before they launch Europe-wide in 2023.

A maximum power output of 360kW means that one of these devices can fully charge an EV in just 15 minutes or less depending on the car's architecture. Drivers can expect to gain around 100km of range in just 3 minutes.

Shell has a clear focus on being a leader in EV charging infrastructure and is aiming to install up to 500,000 new EV chargers worldwide over the next three years.

Currently, there are no vehicles on sale that can charge at such a high rate. 360kW is much greater than what Tesla’s 250kW Supercharger network can manage. The hope is that the new chargers will help to future-proof EV charging so that the latest electric technology won’t quickly outgrow the infrastructure.

The Terra 360 is the only charger designed explicitly to charge up to four vehicles at once and uses ‘dynamic power distribution’ to manage this efficiently. This means that multiple drivers can use a single charge point which will shorten queues as the demand for electricity increases.

CEO of ABB E-mobility, Frank Muehlon, said: “As a global leader in EV charging infrastructure, we believe in the power of together; that when innovation and collaboration come together, we can collectively contribute to mitigating the impacts of climate change and enable a lower carbon society.”

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