New C40 Recharge

Volvo’s first exclusively electric model is the C40 Recharge – a zero emission XC40 spin-off that will only be available to buy online.

New C40 Recharge

Considering the XC40’s success it is no surprise that Volvo opted to make a fully electric version of the mid-size SUV. The C40 will look to compete with the very best cars in the EV market and comes in at a £57,400 price tag.

Just like the XC40 Recharge the C40 will have an electric motor on each axle. It will be able to do 0-62mph in just 4.9 seconds and will have an official range of 261 miles.

The design is very much similar to previous Volvo SUV models. The most notable difference comes at the rear of the car with the light bar wrapping around horizontally over the boot door just beneath a small roof spoiler. The roof line at the back is also more coupe styled than the XC40.

The wheel base is identical to the XC40’s, the legroom figures are the same and the boot capacity of 413 litres matches too. One difference you will notice though is the C40’s more aggressive roofline which cuts about 6cm off the headroom for rear passengers.

Volvo are now taking orders on the C40 Recharge but you won’t receive your car until early 2022.

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