New Cupra El-Born

The brand new Cupra el-Born will be the Spanish brand’s first ever electric vehicle. Drawing many comparisons to the popular Volkswagen ID.3, the el-Born promises to be a stylish and sporty EV.

New Cupra El-Born

One of the factors that makes this car stand out is its contemporary and sophisticated image. The exterior of the vehicle looks very futuristic with its closed off front grille and headlight styling. The concept of the vehicle has 20” alloy wheels with smart copper accents.

The interior of the car keeps up with its eye catching exterior with supportive leather seats accompanied by a leather wrapped sport steering wheel that features handy buttons to easily switch the el-Born into its faster driving modes.

To go with its environmentally friendly image, the el-Born will use recycled materials in its interior too. The dashboard will show off a 10” infotainment touchscreen that is tilted toward the driver.

An official range of 310 miles has been recorded through WLTP testing, a total far greater than that accumulated by rivals such as the Nissan Leaf and Renault ZOE, whom both sit in the sub-200 mile range. Its efficient 77kWh motor is to thank for its lengthy range and fast charging abilities.

Not too much information has been revealed by Cupra as of yet on its first EV’s specs. However, they have stated that it will be able to accelerate from 0-31mph in just 2.9 seconds. Using the similar ID.3 figures, and these stats as a reference, has led to estimations that its 0-62mph could be around the 7.9 second mark.

In addition to these stats, this car will come with a range of useful features. Acceleration, braking and steering can all be controlled by the el-Born in certain situations. Its advanced driving assistance will also allow for a self-parking feature.

A fancy ‘boost’ button to provide quick acceleration on demand, especially useful for over taking, will also likely feature according to Cupra boss Wayne Griffiths.

To wrap up, the new Cupra el-Born - that is set to go on sale at some point this year - will be a very sporty EV with an impressive range for a car of its size. Its futuristic styling will likely be a hit with many customers looking to go more sustainable in the coming years.

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