New Electric BMW iX3

BMW announced its second fully electric model last year for pre-order which will be on sale in the UK this summer.

New Electric BMW iX3

7 years after the release of the i3, and based upon the X3 model, the iX3 promises to be a pragmatic fully electric car that has more similarities with models like the Audi e-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQC than other bespoke electric specific cars on the market.

There will be two variants available from launch: the Premier Edition and the Premier Edition Pro. The Premier Edition comes as standard with 20” alloy wheels, a panoramic sunroof, adaptive suspension, electric tailgate and aerodynamic design.

The design of the car shares some similarities with other versions of the X3, although on closer inspection more unique features can be viewed. One being the sealed off grille at the front, that has been closed as it’s now obsolete with the loss of the engine. This allows for less drag and greater overall efficiency.

Sleek blue highlights around the edges of the car and more notably on the rear bumper in place of where the exhaust pipes would be located completes this vehicle’s modern look.

It comes with some attractive features and gadgets too. This includes the latest BMW infotainment system, electrically adjustable heated front seats and wireless smartphone charging.

The Premier Pro version comes with more luxury features like gesture controls and a system that can learn your habits by automatically creating diversion routes around traffic when you’re heading to work, or by switching on the radio to a station you always listen to. Parking assistant plus is also thrown in to top it off.

What makes this car a real contender in the ever growing EV bracket is its sizeable specifications. The iX3 has a large 285-mile range on one charge, a 0-62mph of just 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 112mph. As well as this, the electric motor creates 286hp and 400Nm of torque

The EV holds compatibility with every type of charging station including 150kW chargers which can give this car 80% recharge in just over half an hour.

Just like all electric cars, the iX3 includes brake regeneration but this time with a difference. Its regeneration system is linked to the driver assistance systems and sat nav to adapt to the road situation, meaning that the EV will automatically slow down when approaching a junction, for example.

Due to being completely electric, this car is incredibly quiet and knowing when you’ve switched it on could potentially be tricky. Because of this BMW have sought to fix this problem by acquiring the skills of the Oscar winning composer Hans Zimmer to produce a little tune to play whenever you press on the start/stop button.

In all, the BMW iX3 is the perfect family car if you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint. This SUV offers a premium experience that has come to be expected from BMW over the years, with the latest tech and a mighty range.  

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