New Lotus Eletre

Meet the new Lotus Eletre. The fully electric Eletre is the British carmaker’s first SUV model and it arrives with a £100,000 price tag.

New Lotus Eletre

This new EV signals a new direction for the Geely-owned brand, who are typically associated with making sports cars. The Eletre will be the first of three new electric Lotus vehicles to arrive over the next four years.

Based upon a new 800V platform, the Eletre contains a battery at least 100kWh in size, which helps to give the EV a range of 370 miles.

This also means that it’s compatible with 350kW rapid charging, allowing the SUV to add 248 miles of charge in just 20 minutes.

An electric motor on each axle aims to give the car a total power output of at least 592bhp on the standard spec. Higher performance trims will be able to go 0-62mph in under 3 seconds.

Lotus engineers had a core focus of reducing the weight of the vehicle. EVs are typically heavier than ICE cars due to their heavy battery.

As a result, an innovative three-in-one electric motor system that can integrate a motor, controller and reducer into one unit was used to reduce the overall weight of the car. Lightweight materials like aluminium and carbon fibre were also used extensively in the Eletre’s framework.

The charging port for the car was strategically placed on the front wing because this required the least amount of internal cabling to get the power to where it needed to go, thus cutting back on even more weight.

An active grille, vents and tunnels combine to improve the channelling of air across the SUV. This helps to streamline the aerodynamics which in turn increases the electric range.

An LED light bar that stretches across the rear will light up green and yellow upon locking and unlocking the vehicle. It is also planned that the light bar will emit a certain colour when it's being operated in a driverless mode.

As is the trend with many of the latest electric models, the wing mirrors have been replaced with cameras. These images are displayed on screens fitted to the inside of the doors.

Despite its large 3-metre wheelbase and 5.1-metre length, the Eletre has a fairly low roof at 1.6 metres tall. These dimensions are very similar to the sporty Lamborghini Urus.

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