New pop-up solar car parks could improve UK EV infrastructure

It is well documented that charging is a challenge that all EV drivers have to face. Fortunately, infrastructure is growing every day and technology continues to advance so that this process is becoming quicker than ever.

New pop-up solar car parks could improve UK EV infrastructure

One of the latest charging solutions comes in the form of pop-up Solar Car Parks (SCPs). Last week in Guildford, Surrey, the world’s first pop-up mini SCP and EV charging hub was deployed in just 24 hours.

3ti were the creators of the new SCP named the Papilio3. The Papilio3 provides 12 fast EV charge points of up to 22kW and is made out of recycled shipping containers. It combines solar power with battery storage and existing local electricity infrastructure to provide on-site charging to EV owners.

SCPs are hoped to offer a charging solution to those who cannot do overnight charging because they live in a flat or in temporary accommodation.

Founder of 3ti, Tim Evans, explains: “Overnight charging at home generally provides the most cost-effective, carbon-efficient, sustainable form of EV charging, but in the UK, around 50% of households will not be able to do this”.

SCPs like the Papilio3 could greatly improve charging infrastructure at work and in public destinations like hospitals, tourist attractions, sports venues and town centres.

”Widespread adoption of SCPs will turn underutilised spaces into renewable energy generating assets, and adding batteries and EV charge points will accelerate decarbonisation of the UK’s transport sector,” explains Evans.

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