New Sono Sion

German start-up Sono Motors has created a production-ready solar-powered car with technology that could be used on EVs across the industry.

New Sono Sion

The new Sion has been in the works for the past 5 years and could be ready to hit roads next year. Sono is estimating that the EV will cost a little over 25,000 euros (£21,000) when it enters markets. This would make it ready to rival some of the most affordable electric models on the market right now.

456 solar ‘half-cells’ are incorporated into body panels all over the vehicle, except the front and rear bumpers. According to Sono, this will provide an extra 70 miles of driving to the Sion’s 190-mile range per week.

This solar panel covering is what makes the Sion so unique and a step forward from other manufacturers who have only been able to incorporate the technology as far as the roof. Being able to gain charge without visiting a charger will make EVs a more accessible option.

The 54kWh battery will still be able to receive charge from conventional charging methods as well as the energy it receives from the sun.

The Sion is a practical MPV that’s an ideal fit for families. The exterior is clean and angular and the interior remains fairly conventional in comparison to some of the industry’s latest EV concepts.


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