New Toyota bZ4X

It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but the new bZ4X will be the first of many new fully electric cars from Toyota.

New Toyota bZ4X

Its name means ‘beyond zero’ and signifies Toyota’s efforts to move towards zero carbon emissions, along with a new range of EVs that will be based on an ‘e-TNGA’ platform.

The appearance of this new concept is very bold and striking. Described by Toyota as ‘dynamism and utility’. The interior features some more quirky touches such as a yoke styled steering wheel that wouldn't look out of place within a plane cockpit.

The Japanese manufacturer haven’t yet revealed specific details on the batteries or motor of this SUV, but we are led to believe it will have a ‘very competitive driving range’ and ‘class-leading efficiency’.

Toyota’s history of designing and creating innovative hybrids looks like it will be put to good use with the bZ4X and the inclusion of solar charging, signals a car that wants to stand out in its bracket.

New steer-by-wire system steering is another highlight of this vehicle. This eliminates the physical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels of the car by making use of electrically controlled motors to change the direction of the wheels and to provide feedback to the driver.

The concept also includes an all-wheel-drive system that Toyota have designed with Subaru, to create an SUV that can comfortably handle off-road environments.

The bZ4X is due for production in 2022, this will come with 15 other new EVs Toyota plan to release from now until 2025 – 7 of which will come under the ‘bZ’ label.

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