The New Fiat 500 EV

The popular Fiat 500 received an innovational makeover across the new year with its brand new fully electric model. The third generation of the Italian city car will now rival other favourable vehicles in the ever-growing EV bracket such as the Nissan Leaf, Honda e, and MINI Electric.

The New Fiat 500 EV

The new Fiat 500 went on sale in December with a starting price of £19,995 with the government grant included. The new look Fiat will come in 4 different trim options that are: Action, Passion, Icon and La Prima.

The Action Trim comes as the standard, offering 15” wheels, rear parking sensors, lane keeping assist and a 7” digital instrument cluster and smart phone mount. The mid-range Passion offers the latest infotainment system on top of LED daytime running lights.

The range-topping La Prima comes with an increased wheel size of 17 inches, a glossy panoramic sunroof and full LED lights with the ‘infinity’ signature.

 The new 500 offers many state-of-the-art features. It will be the first small car to bring Level 2 Autonomous Driving which will give added protection to the driver by accelerating and braking for you in order to keep you safely in your lane.

There are two powertrains available for this EV. The standard comes in with a 23.8kWh battery pack and 92bhp electric motor that has a 0-62 mph of just 9.5 seconds and top speed of 84mph.

The upper ranges provide a much larger 42kWh battery that enables an impressive 199 mile range that out does and competes with many of the electric vehicles in its price bracket. This increased power output allows the Fiat to achieve a 0-62mph in 9 seconds.

Fiat also claim an illustrious charge time with a full day’s driving being achieved in just a 5 minute charge (30 miles).

The exterior of the new fully electric Fiat 500 shares similarities to the design of the current 500. The interior, however has been much more refreshed. A wider dashboard can be seen as well as a smaller switchgear. Added to this to smart infotainment system ensures this modern car has a classy up to date look to match.

A clever ‘Sherpa’ mode is another feature that Fiat have included on this EV. This mode allows for peace of mind for drivers who need to find a charging point when low on charge. It reduces top speed as well as throttle response, and switches off certain electronics within the vehicle to ensure a safe arrival to a charging location.

The other two driving modes are Normal and Range. Range boosts the level of regenerative braking to allow almost single pedal driving.

Olivier François, Fiat boss, said that the new 500 is "not just the third generation of the car, but the third reincarnation of a spirit” and that “This car is not just for 2020, but the next decade. It's built new from the ground up”.


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