Volkswagen ID.4 Electric SUV

The highly anticipated fully electric Volkswagen ID.4 is set to be released later next month. It comes with a range of exciting new features and specs that will challenge many of the existing cars in the EV bracket.

Volkswagen ID.4 Electric SUV

With the ID.3’s huge success this electric sequel will surely be a big hit with drivers for years to come as it shares many of the much-loved characteristics in its style and design.

This EV will have modern, sleek full-width light bands at the front and rear. Accompanied by a smooth, curved exterior with well sized wheel houses that can support wheels of up to 21 inches in diameter.

The front will have no conventional grille and will include plastic cladding around the lower sides of the vehicle to bolster its sturdy appearance. At the rear there will be dynamic indicator lights and headlights with moving lenses to add extra verve to its contemporary appearance.

The ID.4 will use the same APP 310 electric motor as used in the ID.3 that offers three levels of power: 146bhp, 168bhp or 201bhp. Two lithium-ion batteries will supply the electric motor. The lower bhp models will come fitted with a 52kWh battery, whilst the top end 201bhp will have a 77kWh battery that will weigh a hefty 493kg.

With a manoeuvrability usually associated with smaller cars, this 5-seater vehicle will be a joy to drive on the road with its fluidity and responsiveness. This agile handling is helped by the car’s low centre of gravity and optional adaptive dampers which give a gentle, smooth ride.

If you’re looking for an electric vehicle with a good range between charges then this car will impress you with its 323-mile range on a single charge. It can also achieve 0-62mph in just 8.5 seconds, with a top speed of 99mph.

The interior itself, is very minimalistic and modern looking as demonstrated with its lack of gear lever that has been replaced by a panel up on the driver’s display.

Inside the car, there is a 10-inch infotainment system that will delight passengers with its functionality and voice control along with the full-length panoramic glass roof and high quality seating materials.

With all things considered, the stylish Volkswagen ID.4 Electric SUV will be a much-welcomed addition to the EV range and is certainly a car to keep your eye on in 2021.

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