Savings Associated with Driving Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Don't just save the planet, save money!

Savings Associated with Driving Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

There are many savings associated with driving an electric vehicle, below are a few of the biggest ones. 

No Petrol/Diesel Costs – The biggest of all savings is the obvious, replacing trips to the petrol station with charging the car instead. On average, the pence per mile of a petrol car is 13 pence, whilst the average cost per mile of an electric car is just 4 pence. This represents a massive 9 pence per mile saving.

Lower Service & Maintenance costs – Electric vehicles do not have traditional internal combustion engines and therefore barely any working parts. The result is less things that need replacing or maintaining, offering greatly reduced maintenance costs over the course of the vehicle's life.

No Road Fund License – Electric vehicles do not pay the annual road fund license traditional vehicles have to thanks to their low emissions, another annual saving for electric vehicle drivers.

No Congestion Charge – Zero and low emission cars do not have to pay the congestion charge to enter the inner sectors of the UK's largest cities.

Free parking – Many supermarkets, service stations and retail parks offer free of charge parking for electric vehicles.

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